maine street solutions

Maine Street Solutions Services

Government Relations and Lobbying
Based on decades of experience and activity in both local and national political arenas, the Maine Street Solutions team can quickly and effectively identify the appropriate players in Augusta, Washington, DC and anywhere in between who can influence a particular piece of legislation, shape public opinion, or affect the outcome of a ballot initiative.

Grass Roots and Grass Tops
We mobilize and energize the public in order to shape public opinion and policy, but we don't stop there. We also specialize in grass tops advocacy efforts.

Political Campaigns
With a political pedigree unmatched by any other consultancy in the state, Maine Street Solutions can provide the real-world knowledge and experience critical to developing successful political campaigns.

Business Development
At the local, state, and federal level, hundreds of trade associations represent an often-untapped resource of industry-specific knowledge and expertise which can be utilized to advance a cause, initiative, or campaign.

Coalition Building
Maine Street Solutions specializes in leveraging long-standing relationships in both the public and private sectors to create strategic alliances around virtually any issue of importance in Northern New England.

New and Traditional Media
We embrace and utilize the full range of information technologies and systems to further our clients’ objectives in a cost-conscious and effective manner.

Community Relations
We build public support across a wide range of constituencies (including but not limited to community, state and federal leaders, media, and the general public) for commercial development and community issues.

We have extensive experience with political polling, non-profit research, and corporate marketing research.