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Bob Petitt

Bob Petitt Bob Petitt first came to Maine from New York City, where he was Group Vice President for Credit Suisse in charge of Northeastern North America. His clients included European and North American firms, both privately and publicly owned. In Maine he went on to serve as CEO of Northeast Bank of Sanford, and afterward American Bank of Portland.

Bob’s manufacturing career began in 1990 with US Optical Disc, a Dutch-capitalized firm, where he later became General Manager. In 1994 he became CEO of International Woolen Company, a Maine based Italian-owned worsted and woolen manufacturer. 1998 saw his former employer, USOD – now DOCdata USA – pulling him back for a return role as CEO, but this time running a U.S. holding company with firms located in Maine and California. During his 2-year tenure he lived on both coasts, working with staff at both companies to improve production process and client base. Upon the Dutch shareholder’s decision to divest DOCdata USA and leave North America, Bob wound up his double career at the company.

In 2001 Bob began a consulting practice based on his experience and knowledge of manufacturing, marketing, and finance. His first client, Astral Media, was followed by MIT-based Internet ASP provider Habama, and later such entities as Technicolor and The University of Southern Maine.