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Maine Street Solutions Affiliates

Charles Cragin

Charles Cragin: Senior Government Affairs Counselor
Charlie Cragin is a Senior Government Affairs Counselor for Maine Street Solutions, LLC. He provides strategic government and public affairs planning and execution advice to companies operating in the government sectors at the federal and state levels.

Bob Hirshon

Bob Hirshon: Senior Counsel
Bob Hirshon is an internationally known lawyer, writer and speaker. Hirshon served as President the American Bar Association.

Masey Kaplan

Masey Kaplan: Graphic Design Consultant
She has been providing freelance graphic design services to her own clients as well as advertising agencies and design firms in Maine for the past several years.

Jonathan Courtney

Jonathan Courtney: Senior Counsel
As a citizen Legislator from Springvale in the Maine Legislature, Jon Courtney was a strong advocate for creating jobs through reducing the tax burden in Maine. He has been a strong supporter of spending limitations at all levels of government in an effort to reduce local property tax. He has used his experience as a small business owner to bring common sense solutions to government.

Jeff Taylor

Jeff Taylor: Rhode Island Director
Jeff has held a number of positions in the public and private sectors before becoming an affiliate of Maine Street Solutions as our Rhode Island Director.

Holly Valero

Holly Valero: President of HollyWorks
Holly Valero, of HollyWorks, Gorham, Maine, offers a full suite of Web and digital design and development, multimedia design and accessibility services to an international client base.

Angie Helton

Angie Helton: Northeast Media Associates
Angie Helton founded Northeast Media Associates, a multimedia public relations firm, in 2006. Through the use of media channels including traditional press releases, television, radio, video production, and social media outlets, she and her team have been successful in consistently meeting and exceeding the unique PR goals of her clientele.

Fred Webber

Fred Webber: Senior Government Affairs Counselor
Fred Webber is a Senior Government Affairs Counselor for Maine Street Solutions. Prior to joining the firm, Fred served as the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers interim President and CEO.